Wear the Eternal. Flameni XX jewels aim at creating a bridge between a past full of history inspiring to Mother Rome that crosses time and regenerates herself to be able to revive and celebrate her in a contemporary perspective. The magic of time is hence fixed in every single jewel that is handmade with the lost-wax casting technique.

Rome is the personified goddess adorned with a sword and crowned with laurel, but she is also the generating mother. The focal point of the progect is precisely women and their forgotten original matriarchal power. She is the woman creator of the world and able to give life and death, in line with nature and dancing with the inexorable cycle of time as one. Each collection is feminine, telling from time to time the fascinating story of every woman present in the course of history and mythology. At the same time, each jewel wants to enhance the strength within every woman who will wear a Flameni jewel. The “XX” letters support this concept as a sign of the chromosomes from which the whole of humanity derives even before turning into “XY” for men. The woman is the alchemy vase, the primordial substance of the whole, the origin of the transformation. I wanted to increase its value, bringing it back to memory.

The name “Flameni” originates from my name, Flaminia, which derives from the Roman surname Flaminius, combined with other words hidden within. Amen symbolizes the sacredness of the creative act. Flame is the transformative fire and icon of passion. Flamen is the Latin name of the priest who was the guardian and igniter of the sacred fire in ancient Rome, while Ameni refers to the idealized and paradisiac sites.

The artistic evolution that leads to the creation of an idea and its consequent materialization recalls the divine creation of everything from chaos. We are all a fragment of our cosmic surroundings and each Flameni jewel wants to be a permanent symbol of this philosophy.